About us

  offers comprehensive solutions for the production of multilingual technical documentation. We support the process of creation, translation, localization and desktop publishing of texts in all languages of the world.

Our services are directed to companies that want to enter or have just entered foreign markets with their products and need professional support with the preparation of documentation in foreign languages. We are also open to partnerships with translation agencies and localization companies who are looking for proven outsourcing solutions.

We also offer our support in creating a consistent and efficient documentation system. We design templates, styles, macros which allow to easily generate all kinds of functional and uniform documents.

Our years of experience in the industry and the network of professionals we cooperate with allow us to address the greatest challenges. This enables us to offer a wide range of solutions using a broad spectrum of software.

We are also one of the few companies in this part of the world who offer desktop publishing of right-to-left/bidirectional languages (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu), double-byte languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), and any other language using any writing system (e.g. Hindi, Thai, Khmer, Telugu or even Akkadian), while meeting all standards of professional partnership between companies.