The Team

Cezary Grabowski

  • managing owner
  • localization, internationalization and DTP specialist
  • extensive experience as project manager, DTPer, software engineer in international translation agencies
  • expert on right-to-left languages and less common languages (e.g. Khmer, Burmese, Sinhala, etc.)
  • co-developer of scripts supporting translation processes
  • graduate of Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw
  • knows Akkadian, Sumerian and Eblaite; would like to become a cuneiform scribe

Artur Wiktorowicz

  • project manager, DTPer, CAT specialist
  • many years of experience as project manager and translation coordinator
  • double-byte language expert (Japanese, Chinese, Korean)
  • experienced scripter
  • graduated in English philology
  • polishes his Japanese skills on a daily basis

Maria Piechowska

  • project manager, DTPer, content designer
  • expert on Cyrillic languages
  • skilled social media specialist
  • graduate of The Centre for East European Studies, University of Warsaw


  • HR and HSE officer
  • vacuum cleaner
  • work stress reducer